ONLINE & IN-HOUSE COACHING Gym based programs to help improve strength, conditioning and overall fitness Running from 0-5k to Marathons and beyond Cycling from improving general cycling fitness, riding your first 100 miles to peformance Gym based plans to enhance and work alongside your present training 

Each package is personal to the client and provides structure, accountabilty and support. Choose from the following options:  
Online Coaching is perfect for those who require a training plan to follow outside of the studio. For example, for someone who wants to run or cycle; for someone who wants a gym plan for when staying in a hotel; for someone who already has a gym membership but requires access to the MSF Fitness studio. From £60 a month.  
In-House Coaching provides clients with training plans to follow while accessing the studio. Some plans may include a mixture of gym based sessions alongside cardio such as Concept 2 Rower, Ski-Erg or Wattbkike. Other plans may be just Wattbike or gym. From £35. 
50/50 Coaching provides flexibilty and structure and is used by clients that may enjoy attending group clases. They may run or ride with their friends or a club or play sports which takes up a percentage of their training week. So 50/50 Coaching enables clients to enjoy these sessions while still having structured training sessions planned for them. Some clients have 1 session per week, others have 2-3. It really depends on each person. From £15 per planned session / £60 for 4. 
100% Coached packages are for clients who want each sesion planned for them. This may be 1-2 sessions per week or it could be 5-8 sessions per week. From £120 per month. 
100% Coached Package Example: Female client who is taking on London to Paris in 24hours 
3-5 Wattbike sessions per week 
Regular Wattbike fitness testing to help track progression 
Gym based strength and conditioning plans - updated regularly 
Personal Training sessions as and when the strength and conditioning plan needs reviewing 
Nutritional guidance 
Regular consultations to help review previous training blocks and plan ahead 
Email - message - telephone support 
AWOL Coaching is for those looking to make lifestyle changes. For results to be sustainable we need to find A WAY OF LIFE that works for each person. Yes we can get quick fixes but from experience, 90% of our clients are not just wanting a quick fix - they are looking to sustain results achieved and they know to do this it takes time, results come slower but the results are sustained. 
Energy balance is initally about energy in & energy out, which depending on the balance, will affect the results we achieve. 
Our diets are personal to us, we all like different foods and our diets will only provide results if we use the food groups we enjoy, understand what our diets provide and make slight adjustments so new habits can be built. 
It's not about removing all you like, we have never asked anyone to stop or remove an item of food or a specfic drink. Yes we may need to reduce, we may have to make sacrifices but that doesn't have to be at the xpense of enjoying our daily meals, evenings out or social gatherings. 
AWOL Coaching is no different from coaching to improve fitness. We need to collect data such as a food diary. We need to build a picture of you, your lifestyle and how these affect daily life - enhance or against. Regular consultations to review, adpat, support and offer guidance (which brings accountability) are needed and can be done face to face, over the phone or via Skype. Support and guidance is crucial and we are only a message or call away. POA 
Many of our clients spend time working away so helping them make the right choices and how to manage a diet which is often governed by either the hotel or local shops. 
Busy parents doing school runs and finding they miss meals. 
Working long hours, shift work can lead to our diets being difficult to manage. 
A busy social calendar can make keeping to a plan hard but it's not impossible. 
Monthly Nutritional Support Package which includes a weekly weigh & measure and ongoing support/monitoring of nutritional choices. As a fully Qualified PN Level 1 Coach and Level 2 Nutrtional Mark can help you to get the results you're looking for. POA 
All coaching provides structure but most of all, it provides accountabilty. Coaching can help you in many ways and one of those is knowing we will be asking for your training review and looking to receive your data. This helps to ensure that sessions are completed, where often, without this accountability, they may be missed. 


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