Are you looking to learn more about your Wattbike Trainer, Pro or Atom?  
Are you looking to experience using and compare all 3 before making a purchase?  
We offer education workshops with our Wattbike Master Trainer.  
1:1 or small groups 
60min, 2hrs, 1/2 day & full day education sessions - from £40 
Wattbike Advanced Technical Workshop full day courses - £299 
Sessions can be booked at a time to suit you and can take place at the MSF Fitness studios or at your own venue.  
Please contact us for further details and pricing. 
The Advanced Technical Workshop provides a detailed insight into how the Wattbike works. Following the workshop, you will understand how the Wattbike can be used to conduct fitness tests and cycling specific tests. You will also learn how to prescribe exercise and training on a Wattbike, using the powerful analysis capability of the Wattbike Performance Monitor and software to measure and analyse performance. 
This intense one day Workshop is aimed at serious cyclists, coaches, health and fitness professionals who want to understand the science behind the Wattbike. 
Whilst we will not be asking you to work ‘hard’ much of the ‘learning’ is practical and you will spend time on the Wattbike. You will need appropriate clothing (including a towel) – showers are available. If you have your own pedals feel free to bring them with you. The Wattbike has normal toe clips on one side and SPD fitting on the other. 
The day will start at 9:30 am and finish at approximately 4:30 pm. 
Cost £299 pp - includes light lunch and refreshments 


What is Body Blitz?  
In a nutshell, it's a personalised training session which takes place in a small group. 
4 x 90min sessions £80 
12 x 90min sessions £180 
PAY MONTHLY PACKAGES also available 
Although there will be others training with you in the sessions, everyone is following their own individual workout. Body Blitz is not a circuit training class, led by a PT. It's a personalised training session, within a small group. Depending on when you attend, you may even be training on your own but with staff available to support. So it's not 1:1 PT and it's not a group class - it's the best of both! 
Your session will be planned around your own individual goals. So a cyclist may spend their sessions working on the Wattbike and then following a set of exercises focused towards improving their core and back strength. Someone looking for general fitness and improved muscular strength will follow a set of exercises which targets the whole body and progresses over the weeks. 
Your session plan is written up for you to follow independently, whilst staff work around the group supporting you, making sure technique and intensity is correct. This means you could also follow your session plan independently, outside of the Body Blitz times (as a drop in). 
When is Body Blitz? 
Wednesday Evenings 7.15-8.45pm  
Saturday Mornings 9-10.30am  
New Daytime Sessions: Monday to Friday mornings 9.30-11am  
How many sessions do I get? 
Body Blitz is generally booked in blocks of 4 sessions (to be used within 5 weeks) or 12 sessions (to be used within 14 weeks). 
You can choose to use 1 session per week or complete several sessions each week (using up your sessions quicker). 
Daytime sessions can be booked as follows: 
30min sessions 3 x per week (booked as a 4 week or 12 week block) OR 
90min sessions (booked as 4 or 12 session block) 
You can move around the daytime sessions* to suit your commitments - e.g. if usually attending on a Monday, you can switch to a Wednesday etc. 
Make it what you want it to be - e.g. if you want to do a 90min session with 45mins of bike and 45mins of focused gym work, you can! 
*Evening and Saturday sessions are busy so switching to these may not be possible. 
The possibilities are endless! If you would like to know more, please email us on: contact@msffitness.co.uk. 


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